Email marketing

Email marketing is a way for you to communicate to your customers in an email.  You can send any message that you desire. It can be a simple newsletter about a topic, a sale that is upcoming or promoting products. Whatever information you want to convey, I am here to help you get your message across.  

To get your message across, you will need subscribers that have subscribed to an existing email list.  Don’t have an existing list? No worries, I will create a subscription form for you and place it on your website. This requires you to have a digital marketing platform such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber, or the likes. You can Google “email marketing platforms” and you will see different solutions.  Forbes also has a list of the Best Email Marketing Software as of November 2022.

My process is pretty simple:

  • You email me the text and images you want your customers to see
  • I take those images and text and create a design to be emailed
  • Before emailing your customers, I send you a test email so that you can approve or disapprove the email design
  • Once approved, I will send it to your subscribers