Starter Package

This package is for those businesses that are just starting off and need to get some things together before they can launch a complete website.  This is to just get you started and hold you a space in the digital land of the internet.

* logo required and does not include Shopify stores

  • Starter Basic
  • Starter Elite

Questions? I've got answers!

Domain name registration is yearly and cost around $20 per year. This is your address where people go to visit your website. The price could be a little more if you want to hide your registration details such as your address, email and phone number.

The cost of hosting varies on which plan is chosen. Which plan you choose depends on your website needs. You will consult with me for this.  I recommend SiteGround for hosting. So far, the most expensive plan is a little less than $500 per year which is for a pretty large site. Also, you can start small and upgrade your hosting plan later. 

Yes.  The domain will be registered in your name with your information.