Urgent Website Fixes

Do you have an issue with your website and need it fixed right away? I am here to help! Urgent website fixes are done the same day as soon as possible in the order I receive them.  If you need urgent help, send me a text or an email for the quickest response.  Same day help cost $125 per hour. If this is after working hours, then your request will be completed before business hours the next day. Payment must be made prior to work being done and after we have communicated about your issue.

The process is as follows:

  • I receive an email or a text stating the issue 
  • I will communicate with you to ask any questions.
  • Once I gather all the information I need and it is a problem that I can solve, then I will tell you how long it will take to fix. Pricing is $125/hour minimum 1 hour and paid upfront.  Most things can be done within an hour but there are times when things (such as a hacked website) will take longer to fix.
  • Once payment is received, then I will solve your problem.

What I will need from you:

  • Name of the system you are using. WordPress, Shopify, etc
  • Access to your website (username and password)
  • Access to your hosting account (login information)


  • Urgent hourly rate
    Minimum 1 hour

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